Charming Handmade Linen Doily with Figurative Bobbin Lace Couples and Stars

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I'm pretty obsessed with folky figurative lace, of which I've had just a few examples but which I always have an eye out for. This piece, which is in very good condition but which I believe has a good amount of age, is linen, with bobbin lace insets on the borders, all hand done. It's the man and woman, of course, who make it special, her in this wonderful, sharp-edged dress with marvelously detailed hands resting on her hips.  He's got one hand on his hip too, and the other perhaps holding on to a fishing line, or ship rope, as the forms surrounding them sure suggest ship wheels to me. So perhaps they're setting sail to distant lands, and this doily was made to mark the occasion, or to wish them well? Whatever the case, a total charmer I think, which I'd be most inclined to put in. a frame.

10 3/4” x 7 1/2” and in very good condition. I have placed against black paper in some of the photos to make easier to see. One can see tiny hand done stitches on the backside--hemming of the perimeter edge, and joining one of the borders to the linen.