Charming Hand-drawn Pen and Ink French Postcard, Bird and Dog

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I really love the expression on the face of the dog here--a mix of resistance, annoyance, and also I think perhaps willingness to indulge this bird tugging at his collar, as if they are old friends and this happens everyday! I also love the flurry of feathers on the bird, as if managing to wet its wings in the bird bath and torment/flirt with its dog friend at the same time. Perfect for framing, and a great gift for the sort of friend or family member you have a tendency to bug and bother! 

French, earlyish 20th century, executed in black ink on linen card and signed (initialed) at lower right, with an unused printed back.  3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Very good condition, with some light stains on front and back, mostly around the edges.