Charming c. 1930 Wooden Boxing Toy, Sharkey vs. Schmeling

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I've had a couple of these wonderful old boxing toys in the shop, each a little different, and will never pass them by if I can help it, as I think they're just fantastic graphically, and fun to play with too! The faces on this one are especially great, and even better: handwritten in pencil down the leg of one figure is Sharkey, for Jack Sharkey, and Schmeling on the other, for Max Schmeling, who fought each other for the world title in 1930. (Sharkey was disqualified in the fourth round after delivering a punch that landed below Schmeling's belt!)

6 1/8" l x 4 1/2" t x 1 1/16" d. Pushing the button in the center causes them both to lean forward, butting heads and getting their arms swinging. Overall very good condition and works well. The hand of one of Sharkey's arms has been re-glued; well done and only noticeable if looking for it.