Charming Antique Six Page Sewing Skills Sampler

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I'm forever on the hunt for sewing samplers like this, but rarely find them, and the samples on the pages of this one are especially well arranged and perfectly held. It was constructed as an accordian fold booklet, on brown card-weight paper with red bows holding it together, but the cover with two samples on reverse has come apart--perhaps no matter as these would be quite nice framed up. Six pages total, representing various skills--hemming, tucking, gathering, banding, hemming, button holes, darning, and several types of stitching. All in an excellent red, white and blue palette. Well done and visually crisp and quite striking.

Pages measure 9 1/6" x 5 1/2". A few tears to the backing paper and some foxing/staining visible on a couple of the white cotton cloth samples as documented.