Charming Antique Embroidery on Linen Pin Cushion

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I'm listing this antique embroidery on linen pin cushion just as I found it -- stuck full of pins! It's certainly had a life--I know that it dates at least to the 19th century, when it was likely made by a young girl. I think it is quite a wonderful little thing, with this charming couple (German, I'd guess), little plant in a basket between them, and then lovely button closures on all sides, encasing the pillow inside. That pillow has some weight; I am guessing it is stuffed with sawdust, as was often the case.

While there are a fair number of stitches missing, particularly around the borders, the details on what are left are pretty terrific I think--like the locks of her hair, the flowers on her skirt, the buttons down the front of his jacket, and the flourish on the top of his hat! I might be inclined to sew a little ribbon to the back corners of this in order to hang it on the wall.

The pin cushion measures approximately 5 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 1 3/4". In addition to the missing stitches and pin holes, there is one missing button loop (the button is there; there is just no stitch to hook it through) and a small dark stain on the bottom left corner of the back.  I think this sweet thing is all about its history, though, so don't mind these at all.