Charming 19th C. Turned Leg Cricket Stool with Surprise Bird Silhouette

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The form of this stool, combined with its red paint, drew me to it, but then I noticed the subtle outline of a bird on the top and was completely sold. I'm not quite sure if the bird was inlaid or just incised very finely and then painted/stained a slightly stronger red--but of it feels now like this happy surprise, as if placed there just for the delight of the user. And then around the perimeter top edge of the stool is a pattern painted in gold--I think a pattern, but it almost looks as if spelling out a secret message! Great color, great form, beautiful surface, early 19th c. or so, I would guess. 

9 1/2" wide and deep x 8 1/4" t. Top measures 9 3/4" x 7". Very good antique condition, beautifully aged and worn. The legs thread into the flat of the stool, one of them not completely tight but holds just fine and stool sits flush and square.