Charming 1889 Wire-Hinged Wooden Box with Hand-sewn, Embroidered Piecework Decoration

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Handwritten sideways in small, careful numbers on one interior wall of this box is the year 1889, almost like a secret. I think it's possible the wire hinged box itself is a little older than that, but would guess that's when the top of it was decorated with this silk and velvet and brocade piecework quilt of sorts, with embroidered stem of red flowers on dark blue wool at center. A few die-cut decoupage elements on the slate gray painted sides, too, mostly lost now. To me it's quite a warm and tender thing, all the better for the wear to the fabric, which aside from a few bits on the borders, remains very well attached and stable. A perfect box for sewing supplies, I'd say, or valentines, or a collection of inspirational odds and ends. 

11 5/8" w x 7 3/4" d x 5 1/8" t. Fabric worn as evident, all to the good I think; box sturdy and stable and wired hinges tightly attached and opening and closing with ease. Lid sits just a hair above flush at front, no real matter.