Robert Lohman Ceramic Sculpture Bust of Native American Woman

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I knew nothing of Robert Lohman (American, 1919-2001) when I purchased this piece, but I've became rather fascinated by him since. He was not only extraordinarily prolific, but his work was incredibly diverse, representing command of many media, from large scale very finely carved wood sculptures, to figurative sculpture in clay, plaster and bronze, to all manner of paintings representing quite a range of styles. A native Midwesterner, he received his BFA from John Herron Art Institute and completed graduate study at Yale and Cranbrook, where he went on to become Director of Fine Arts in the late 40s, then later taught at Washington University in St. Louis and the Indianapolis Art League, too. Altogether quite a model of creativity and productivity, whose work seems to have become quite collectible.

I'm increasingly drawn to portraiture; perhaps in absence of real people around, it is product of a longing for company(!), but I think more specifically it's about the singular individuality of portraits and simultaneous sense of connection to broader humanity they offer. Lohman certainly conveys this woman's beauty; she also appears deeply empathetic and a bit saint-like! I love the position of her head, turned at an angle, such that it really takes moving around her to see her--and even then one's sense of her keeps shifting, as one's sense of humans does. I presume, based on the deer and teepee carved into the back of her dark green wrap, that she is Native American.

6 1/2" t x 4 1/4" wide x 2 5/8" deep and in very good condition, with no chips or cracks that I can see. The weight of the bust is such that I am sure it was hollowed out inside, and then adhered to the wooden base. It is signed LOHMAN on the right side of the back side, consistent with other versions of his signature I have found, followed by what I believe is 74, the year of its making I believe.