Cast Metal (Bronze?) Memorial Plaque of Young Girl

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This is another one I know next to nothing about, except that I find it quite beautiful and also quite touching.  It was noted by the seller as a memorial plaque, and certainly it was once mounted to something, perhaps commemorating the too short life of this young girl (who I suppose could just as likely be a boy)? It certainly feels as if this child possesses a depth of wisdom beyond their years, with a strong, brace looking face and eyes that seem (to me at least) as if they are seeing to straight into one's soul! Very finely executed and also very heavy; I am not entirely certain of the metal but it looks like rather like bronze to me, and with a gorgeous patina.

5 5/8" w x 5" t x 7/8" d and in beautiful aged condition. Earlyish 20th century I would guess.