Carved, Painted and Signed Charming Wooden Beavers!

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Oh, these beavers! I believe they were once part of a whole folk art Noah's ark set, as I found a few other animal pairs also made by Rita, who signed these--but none could compete with these two! How to beat those giant pink teeth (maybe pink from just having chomped something?!), and I must say each has its own distinctive personality! 

The one on the right has a tiny spot of paint loss on one side, otherwise both are in excellent condition. The underside of the tails are signed: Rita, 1/95, 1588/3000 meaning I suppose that she made 3000 sets of these? What a lot of work!!! Each measures approx. 3 1/8" long x 1 1/8" wide x just shy of 1 1/2" tall. Sold as a pair.