Carved Old Wooden Mountain Man Hermit with Bark

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I guess these sorts of men, carved out of (into?) a knotty old piece of wood with bark still on it, are often referred to as mountain men, or wood spirits.  I think of this guy as more of a hermit, and in fact he makes me think of Saint Francis in the wild, living at peace among the forest and animals. Though not easy to photograph (he absorbs all the light!), he's quite wonderfully done I think and definitely quite old; the wood is worn smooth with a bit of a sheen, and there is nice all over cracking to the surface of the  bark on the back. Definitely he seems like a positive force to have around, surely shepherding safe ventures in the wild! 

6 3/4" tall x 3" wide x 3 3/4" deep.  Terrific aged condition and super sturdy.

*Frame featured in a few photos sold separately.