Carved, Jointed Wooden Ballerina Mannequin, Signed

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I am not sure if this figure once wore a costume, but I do believe she is meant to be a ballerina, with this sort of fascinator-esque hair piece, I assume enclosing her chignon. She's not exactly my usual taste, but I just couldn't pass her by, thinking about all of the effort that went into her making-- and I also really rather love her strange face, with these giant cat-like blue eyes. The extremely ballerina-esque exaggerated lengths of her jointed arms and legs are also pretty amazing, allowing for very dramatic poses and gestures, which almost makes me think she was made as a mannequin for a ballet instructor, to illustrate proper (if impossible) positions! Quite a thing.

Pyrographed into her back are the initials HJR I believe, and 94, which I am pretty certain stands for 1994. I have not found another like her or been able to trace her maker. 14 3/4" tall x 3 1/8" wide with arms down, 1 1/2" deep and in very good condition. All of her joints move smoothly and are still enough to hold whatever position in place.