SOLD Carved Figure in Wood and Leather Boat or Sled, Antique Folk Art Carving

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This one I purchased from the same New England dealer as the figure and animal group I just listed; I know from her that she found this one separate from those, but they have quite a similar feeling--and color scheme too. What I find especially amazing is the vessel inside of which this figure snuggly fits--the bottom is carved of wood, and the top is hardened, dark green painted (now very crusty) leather, which is hinged at the back corners and lifts up from the front (as documented.) With the figure's arms raised as if to hold reins, my guess is this was meant to be a sled rather than a boat, and perhaps he once has a flock of dogs pulling him along. The manner of the carving does not seem clearly Inuit to me, but perhaps Canadian folk art. Whatever the case, it's definitely old, and quite a special feeling little thing.

2 1/2" l x 1 1/2" t and in very good antique condition. A small loop at the point end of the leather secures it to the wooden base of the sled.