Carved Ebony African Hair Comb with Rooster

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In researching the origins of this carved wooden comb, I am struck by the incredible array of hair combs and hair ornaments that have been created from ancient to modern times, in all manner of styles and materials. This one--made of what appears to be ebony, features long tapered teeth, bands of intricately carved pattern, and a terrifically proud rooster at the top. I would guess it was made in the mid-20th century and believe it was made in Benin, West Africa.

A wonderful object--visually striking, and great in the hand--I would probably hang it on the wall (probably via a couple of tiny nails between the teeth) or simply set it on a tray with a few other lovely and interesting things. where I could regularly pick it up to admire it!

8 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" wide x 1/4" deep and in great vintage condition.