19th C. Carved Wood Dog Head Cane Top with Beautiful Patina in

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This wonderful thing is a hand-carved wooden cane handle, beautifully detailed and worn smooth by the hand of one or numerous users--and I like to imagine this dog has traveled far and wide, The form suggests a double face, one pointing up and the other down in the opposite direction (and as if with two tusks) but the latter is not detailed, and so perhaps it was carved just following the form of the wood, with two roots retained, which made for a good handle and a good way to hang it, too. (And formally they contribute to the dynamism to the whole thing, as if long ears trailing behind this dog as he runs.) It will stand up on its own balanced on the thin neck.

3 7/8" t x 4 3/8" w (measured on the square) x 1 1/4" deep. Good antique condition, with wonderful patina to the dry wood.  One eyeball (looks to be black glass) lost, and some hairline surface cracking, very minor.