Carved Ballerina in Pink on Custom Stand

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This ballerina for me is all about attitude--how poised and proud and I'd say really quite queenly she seems, with raised chin and one hand aloft as if ready to deliver a royal wave! Plus what a perfect pink tutu, with flowers above either ear to match, and a custom stand that raises her just enough to glimpse the poof of her skirt from below.  The best sort of diva I think, with an excellent sort of Eartha Kitt intensity to her.

On stand: 6 1/2" t x 3 3/8" w. Base of stand measures 2 3/16" x 2 3/16". Very good overall condition, with what appear to be small losses to a couple of fingers, not much evident unless looking for them. Easily be removed from stand. Mid 20th c. I would guess.