Carved and Signed Wooden Bird on Driftwood and Log Base

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This hand-carved bird, a finch I think, is super sweet, and made even better for the tower of bases it perches atop, which make it appear as if the bird is perched on a driftwood limb that extends from the trunk of a tree. Its body is animated with incised carving, detailing the wings and tall feathers, and then there is this great little face, with deep holes for eyes and a wonderful pointy little beak. The little legs and feet I believe are made of a strong steel wire--not pliable, and very sturdily attached.

I believe both bases are original to the piece, as it is the bottom one that is signed: FRAM on the long side, and RM on the side, making one wonder if this was a collaborative effort. Whatever the case, a wonderful result which I can almost hear tweeting away!    

Excellent vintage condition. 4 3/4" tall x 3 1/8" widest x 5" long.