Carved 1880 Pink Marble Book

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There seems to be a theme of pink running though a number of my finds this week--not usually the color that draws me, but perhaps soft pinks reminding us of love and kindness are just the thing. And of course carved books of all shapes and sizes and colors are always the thing. This miniature one carved of pink stone with lots of gray marbling is not an especially fancy one, but it has a well carved form, with recessed pages and a nicely curved spine with four incised lines running cross ways.

Stone books were a form of American folk art particularly popular in the period from just after the Civil War to about 1900. Among them were examples sold as souvenirs at landmarks and natural attractions, as I am guessing was the case with this one, which shows handwritten text (i presume written by the original owner rather than the maker but hard to know for sure) in graphite on one side, a bit hard to read but the year--1880--is clear, and it looks to say Mt. Root right below that, which I am guessing refers to the Tobacco Root Mountains in Montana (?). 

2 5/16" x 1 3/4" x 15/16". Good condition, with small chips the marble along one edge and one corner as documented.