Card #40: Beautiful Old A&J Tool & Findings “Connecting Links” Sample Board

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I don't always know when I find them what might become my favorite things, but this is one, rewarding on many levels. Of course I love it for the header typed in red at top giving definition to its bits: "Connecting Links"...and what could be better, or more essential, as a thing (and an idea) than connecting links?!  Then this beautiful dense field of metal links, rounded or squared,  each subtly different, with hand-written numbers under each and additional notes here and there: "open," "close," "steel," and best of all "special." Completely evocative and emblematic of the beauty of old school specialization--and this is just Card #40!  Stamped A&J Tool & Findings--which I've happily learned appears to be still in operation in Plainville, MA--at upper right.

12 1/16" x 9" and in perfectly very well used condition. Metal links mounted to good weight card.