Card #29: Beautiful Old A&J Tool & Findings “Collar Bar Parts” Sample Board

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I purchased this "Card #29" along with one another (listed and sold last week) at Brimfield, and find it/them super beautiful- this one showing an array of "Collar Bar Parts" as titled on the red typed label at top center. (Collar bars bridge the gap between the two sides of a shirt collar.) With handwritten notes all over marking "front" and "back" and "band," amended and augmented here and there, and with little arrows pointing everywhere so to sure which is which.  Completely evocative and emblematic of the beauty of old school specialization--and this is just Card #29!  Stamped A&J Tool & Findings--which I've happily learned appears to be still in operation in Plainville, MA--at upper right.

12 1/16" x 9" and in perfectly much used condition. Metal parts mounted to good weight card.