CAKE, Large Stencil Painted Tin Cake Box with Three Shelves

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Something about the word CAKE in big white stencil painted letters really does it for me, and feels very iconic. Even better to find it painted on the front door of a "cake safe" with its three original shelves inside--for storing three cakes, or three pies, or stacks of risque magazines! A rare one, with a front latch that closes and coule be locked to keep hands off those cakes or magazines, and a handle on top for taking it anywhere. And flip it on its side and take the drawers out and it's a lock box.

11 5/8” w x 11 3/8” d x 17 5/8” t and in overall good shape with general wear, late 19th/very early 20th c. Hinges in great shape, dings here and there, some surface scratches and light rust. Four rounded feet welded onto the bottom.