C.W. Brooks' Wonderful Carved Hook Holder

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I love this thing so much, though I have not been able to figure out the purpose of this particular hook, and what C.W. Brooks would done with it clearly a great many times. (My best guess might be something related to working with leather? I would love to know; if you know, please share!) I just find it super satisfying how the hook fits perfectly in its niche, and then the cover slides flush over it, and I might think the point of the hook itself was used to pyrograph his name on front. And then on the underside of the lid, "Perfectos", making it clear the case was made from cigar box wood. I can imagine Brooks carried it around in his pocket for many many years, and it feels great to carry around now.

4 9/16" l x 1 9/16" w x 1/2" d and in very good condition.