C. 1880s British Cabinet Card of Handsome Young Strongman

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My knowledge of 19th c. photographic conventions doesn't tell me for sure whether this muscular bare-chested young man was a boxer, or wrestler, or a sideshow strongman, but I might guess the latter based on what one can see of his pants and belt, which appear informal rather than any sort of uniform. The cabinet card is stamped Liverpool (England) on the reverse, but I must say that the aura-like ring of patterning around him, a fabric backdrop I assume, to me has a bit of the feel of a Kansas cornfield, as if he just stepped off the farm and into the spotlight! Wonderful face and I always love this cross-armed pose, geared toward showing off those arms to maximum effect.

6 1/2" x 4 1/4", 1880s/early 90s I believe, albumen print. Good condition with general light surface wear and a minor loss to the face of the bottom right corner of card.