C.C. Hoke 1903 Beautifully Carved Little Guardian Dog!

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This wonderful little dog has a companion carved rabbit--I am listing them separately but would love to see them stay together, as side by side they feel like mini guardian statues, akin to stone lions or sphinx's but finely carved of wood--and most welcoming! I googled C. C. Hoke, who signed the bottoms in 1903, not expecting to find anything, but in fact I learned he was quite a renowned carver and maker, based in Center, Ohio, including of bottle winder whimsies! (Here's a link to one that recently sold at auction: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/en-gb/item/75273602_bottle-whimsey-by-c-c-hoke). Very cool!

This dog may be little, but has outsized calming effects! Just lovely. 2 1/2" long x 7/8" tall and wide. Very good overall condition. Some dryness and a little cracking to the surface of the wood as pictured, including along the right side of the nose, pretty minor.