Expressive c. 1970s Presumed Haitian Carving of Two Men

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This one came from the estate of an artist, activist, teacher, and friend in my neck of the woods, from whose collections I've listed a bunch of things over the past numbers of weeks. She and her husband travelled frequently to Latin America, especially to Cuba, Haiti, and Mexico, and I believe this piece is likely Haitian. (Seems to me a strong connection between the pairing and postures of these two, side by side joined by one arm wrapped around the other's back, and African tribal carvings of twin and coupled figures--a couple of examples included at end in photos.) Wonderfully carved, with these two holding in their expressive, watchful faces and bare chested bodies some combination of tension and ease, strength and vulnerability, and a certain self-protectiveness, individual and shared. A fair bit of attitude, too, which would be enhanced a bit more I think by replacing the toothpick that has gone missing from the mouth of the man at right! With a strong presence. and terrific from the back as well as the front.

 11 3/4” t x 6 1/4 w x 3 3/8” d and in good condition. c. 1970s I believe. One figure missing his toothpick, easily replaced, and the other broken off. An older glue repair to a split to one edge of the base, minimally visible apart from the underside. Also perhaps a carefully done old repair to the back where the arm of one man crosses the shoulder of the other, minimally visible and  I don't think at all detracting. Stable and sound now.