Mid-century Handmade Glass Microscope Slides with Color Pigments

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I'm always looking at glass microscopic slides with hand-written labels as I just think they're such pretty and evocative things, but usually I let them go. These, though, won me for also being all about color--both in terms of all those blues and greens and yellows of the specimens themselves and for all those beautiful words: cobalt, malachite, verdigris, azurite, ultramarine, cerulean, indigo. How to resist? I believe these date to the 1960s or so, and all are in good shape; they came in a wooden slide box that I think the humidity has made a tight fit for a few, but I'll pop the box in the freezer and hope I can get them arranged back into it safe and snug before shipping.

Price is for all. Box measures 6 3/4" l x 3 3/4" w. Slides 3" x 1". All in good condition, no cracks or chips that I see. Some toning around the labels, all to the good I think. As noted, some slides are a tight fit in the box due I think to humidity. I will send them, and the box, however is safest.