c. 1950s Jacks Collection in Charming Pouch

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I’m not a parent, but I’m always looking for toys and games I would give kids if I had them, and this sack full of jacks is definitely one of those. I spent a lot of time playing as a kid, and think its a great game for encouraging the development of hand-eye coordination, focus, persistence, patience, and the practice of practice! Easy to play, hard to master, the basic goal is to grab one jack while throwing the ball in the air then letting it bounce once and catching it. Then two jacks, three, etc. Can be played alone, or with others. And here are enough jacks to keep one striving for the rest of one’s life! (Usually the game is played with ten jacks.) With cheerful c. 1950s hand-sewn pouch with long gingham drawstrings that make one want to pack them up and head out to find a good sunny patch of pavement to play on. There are two early cast iron jacks in the lot, which I've learned are particularly collectible. 

Bag measures approx. 6 5/8" t x 5" w when open. All pictured included, in very condition, with some range in age of jacks. Pouch in good condition, with general wear and a few mends. I'll re-stich one corner where a few stitches have pulled out before sending.