C. 1930s Whitney Carriage Co. Salesman Sample Wicker Hamper in Seafoam Green Paint

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Rare, smart looking, and useful too, this tabletop scale painted wicker hamper, a salesman sample I am pretty certain, was made by the F.A. Whitney Carriage Company of Leominster, MA--founded in 1858 and the first manufacturers of baby carriages in America. The company seems mostly to have stuck to its guns, continuing to make carriages for children and dolls, though also, in the first half of the 20th century, a few varieties of hampers, including ones that doubled as seats. I believe this piece dates to the 1930s, and I find the wickerwork on it just lovely, with those fat braids wrapping top and bottom edges, and one more running down one side of the back, plus nice variation to the weave along the center. Super, with the minty/seafoam paint original to it I believe, and in very good shape.

10 5/8" t x 10 1/2" w x 6 1/2" d and in very good condition, sturdy and sound,  with whatever general wear to the paint revealing the warm brown of the wicker in a very satisfying way. Hinges in excellent shape, lid closes flush, and it stands steady and square on its feet.