C. 1920s Milton Bradley Story Building Blocks

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It was a week for blocks sets, which is a good week in my book, because what do blocks do?--they encourage one to play! And to think--and what's a better combination than that? This rare, not quite complete (three blocks missing I believe) c. 1920s Milton Bradley "Story Building with Blocks" set is a great one for both, and one could readily invent all sorts of word games to play with them too. The box is very well worn; I'd be inclined to stash it somewhere and just leave the blocks on the counter to amuse oneself with or to send messages (or make proclamations) to whoever might be around. 

8 3/4 x 5 x 1 1/4; blocks 1” cubed. Blocks are in good condition. Lots of wear to the box as evident and three missing blocks.