C. 1920s Folk Art Eagle by Everett Pratt, Freeport, Maine

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It seems eagles were the primary subject of Everett Pratt of Freeport, Maine, who carved this one in the 1920s or so. I’ve found a few auction records of a couple of other eagles by him, from the same period, as well as a mention in a book by John Gould titled “This Trifling Distinction: Reminiscences from Down East” that tells us Everett stood about 7 feet tall! This eagle, too, has quite a large presence I think, proudly perched, wings spread, on a cut branch, with white painted head and yellow eyes, beak and talons. I’d hang it hang on the wall to keep a keen eye on everything!

Apporox 8” t x 7 3/8” d x 8 1/4” w. There are are old, very well done repairs to the wings, as documented, which one has to look closely to notice, and it loos like the branch was likely re-glued to the wall mounting piece at some point with a little glue showing, but is quite stable now.