C. 1920s-30s Oil on Canvas Painted in Labrador, Inspired by Grenfell Mission Rug

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The story that came along with this painting is that its painter was an American in hospital in Labrador, who took his inspiration from a woman creating a Grenfell Mission rug. I purchased it from a dealer near Bar Harbor, who has collected Grenfell rugs and mats herself for many years, who purchased it from a woman living in Newfoundland, who knew the story of its origins. I am inclined to believe it: Grenfell Mission established the first permanent hospital in 1893, and opened many more to follow in Labrador and northern Newfoundland, which provided care to residents, but also to workers from the U.S. and England, developers, migratory fisherman, etc.

The women who made Grenfell rugs and mats were supplied with the materials (burlap for the backing, as well as dyed cotton, wool, rayon and most famously, used silk stockings for the hooking), to be completed on their own time, wherever they were. They also received sketches of the patterns to be hooked, in which dog sleds and hunters featured prominently. While I am not certain the exact pattern this painting was inspired by and/or how much of it generated from the mind and/or eye of the painter,  it does feel very much aligned, especially in the handling of these wonderful dogs and the figure to the right of them. To me quite a special feeling thing, and a lovely one, and a delight to discover as I am forever coveting (but unable to afford) Grenfell Mission rugs!

20" x 12 3/8", oil on canvas. Very good condition, with some craquelure as evident which I personally love.