C. 1910s Schieble (Dayton, Ohio) Large Tin Litho Trolley in Yellow and Red

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This antique tin litho trolley car is of substantial scale at almost two feet long, with great color and graphic appeal, making it a nice one to place on a high shelf--which is exactly where I spotted this one and ran straight for it! I've learned that it was made by Schieble Toy and Novelty Co of Dayton, Ohio, which operated between 1909 and 1931 and specialized in automotive toys with friction and flywheel mechanisms.I believe the wheels on this one likely one held tension, but no longer, though they, even with one axle missing, they do still roll along pretty smoothly. I just think it's a great looking thing, in the perfect yellow and red, which rather makes one want to launch into song or start ringing bells! 

22 1/2" x 8" t x 4 7/8" w. Overall good condition, with great, bright color. One set of wheels is missing, but it will still roll along and stands square. Some surface scratching and a few dings.