C. 1910 Chalmer's Porosknit Underwear Box with Great Graphics

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A fun one--fabulous looking and a notable piece of history, too.  I've learned that Chalmers' "Porosknit" underwear were very much product of emerging demand for all things sanitary and healthful in the wake of the industrial revolution. Using a revolutionary knitting process creating small holes in cotton material--patented in 1905--they represented a much welcome liberation for men from the long popular union suit. "Let the body breathe!" was the motto, and a revolution in underwear began, soon including the separation of t-shirt and briefs into separate garments. Of course what I really care about it this fabulous image of a young man in his porosknit suit, chin up as if looking heavenward as he jogs, fists clenched! Just perfect framed against green ground with gold border too. 

11 1/4 x 8 1/8 x 1 5/8 and in very good shape, empty, sturdy, and clean.