c. 1905 Strauss Double Sided Clock and Calendar Puzzle

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You know I love a wooden puzzle, and learning toys of all sorts, and I think this double sided one combining clock face and months/days/seasons is quite a brilliant one--and one which took this adult a fair bit of time to assemble properly! I don't care what people born in the digital age might say--everyone should know how to read a clock dial, and how many days are in each month, too. And a really great looking reward.A rare one, black printed graphics on white maple, produced by Strauss Manufacturing Co. NYC, c. 1910, in alignment with kindergarten theory. No box but original pamphlet--which stresses that these make great building pattern design blocks too and includes two pages of inspiration. 

Assembled: 8 1/8” square by ¼” thick. Very good condition, with wear to the SP of spring.