c. 1900 Armour’s Beef Tea Chicago Restaurant Porcelain Mug

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In recent years we've see a renewed espousing of the benefits of beef tea or bone broth, but Armour's Chicago was making it and distributing it widely at the very beginning of the 1900s--in ohotos I've including an ad for it c. 1902. Philip D. Armour, a native of New York State, made a substantial fortune in the pork-packing business in Milwaukee in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, then In 1875 moved to Chicago to take charge of Armour & Co. (a firm owned by him and his brothers),  During the late nineteenth century, when Chicago and its Union Stock Yard stood at the center of the meatpacking industry, Armour became a national operation and one of the country's largest businesses. Many of those sales derived from the processing of all the parts of the animal—“everything but the squeal”—making such products as glue, lard, gelatin, and fertilizer in addition to beef tea! This mug, with really terrific looking lettering I think, dates to that era--a rare survivor. 

2 5/8" t x 2 1/2" d x 3 3/4" across at handle. Excellent antique condition.