1890 McLoughlin Golden Eagle Anagrams (Earliest Known Set)

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A rare survivor, this I believe is, technically, the first set of Anagrams produced--Milton Bradley produced a a game called "Words and Sentences" in 1885 with similar cardboard letters, but I believe McLoughlin coined the name "anagrams" with this, its first set, and copyrighted it. (Reference: The New York Historical Society). I've been on a scrabble tear lately, which these certainly laid the groundwork for, but much easier not to carry around a board! Original, complete instruction booklet included, which details a range of different games to play with them, and the letters, with lithographed white faces and pale pink backs (many of them looking as if tea stained now) are so pretty. 

Box measures 5" x 4" and though clearly worn is holding together well. Letter show staining/toning as evident, but are stiff and dry, not fraying or foxing, etc. and completely ready to use!