C. 1881 Rare Wire Dress Form Top Section (Presumed Hall Borchert Dress Form Co.)

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This dress form is partial--it would once have attached to a lower half to make a full body form; I've included a photo of a rare complete example at the end of photos. This top section is just right by me, though (much easier to manage--and ship!), and I think is quite a striking sculptural thing--with the potential to cast most excellent shadows! Quite a lot of effort invested in developing a form that could expand or contract to accommodate a range of measurements, with a patent date of 1881 by the Hall Borchert Dress Form Co. This top section can be pushed and pulled a bit, but with nothing for the waist ends to attach to, won't hold much of a range. Could be hung on the wall, or in the air, or just set somewhere. I've been admiring sculptural antique wire hangers lately, and this feels like a very very elaborate one of those!

19" t x 11" w x 7 1/4" d and in good condition. As noted it doesn't much expand or contract without the bottom half to join to, but has some give and can be manipulated a bit. Sturdy and sound.