c. 1800 Very Fine Ink and Watercolor on Laid of Blue Whale and Narwahl

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This is not a hand-colored engraving, it is an original, beautifully executed ink and watercolor drawing on watermarked laid—one of a number I purchased from a German seller, all done by the same person I believe, c. 1800 or just a bit earlier. Photos do no justice, but the rich color and exquisite execution makes these miraculous creatures--including the completely miraculous Narwahl!--feel all the more so. I would guess it was the original  drawing after which an engraving were then made for a zoological volume.  Pure pleasure, and even better for the hand-written notes on the reverse, which seem to speak to the watercolors as being very much part of a work in progress. The notes on the back seem to correspond to the following image in the volume.

10 3/4" x 8 1/4" and in very good condition (the strength and endurance of antique laid paper is amazing!) with a little toning and a few stains. Watermarked.