C. 1860s Geo. Scardefield Advertising Promotional Gold Leaf (Squirrel Hair) Brush

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I'm pretty certain the bristles here are squirrel hair, which continue to be used for applying gold leaf today.  Established in 1833, George Scarderfield's at 335 W. 16th in Manhattan was "a dealer in all gilder's materials"--which one would think would have made them quite successful as the century went on, as people really loved gold leafing things, but I can find no record of the business (Admittedly I have not dug very deeply.) In any event, quite a wonderful incarnation of an early trade card/advertising give away, with terrific combination of typefaces and, best of all, shimmers of gold leaf here and there all over it.  C. 1860s-70s I believe and quite a rare one.

4 1/8" x 3 1/2" and in good overall condition, beautifully stained from use.  Some bristle loss and looseness (it will shed a little in handling); I'd get it in a frame asap!