C. 1860s Mourning Pendant with Daguerreotype Portrait of Young Man in Folding Case

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(first image shows both front and back of pendant)

I'm not at all an expert on early photography, but I look a lot, and follow my eye, and am learning along the way.  I do know it is not very often I come across mourning pendants/lockets, which is what this is, with dag portrait of a young man on one side and a glass windowed niche on the flip side for holding a lock of hair. The hair locket on this one was never filled--or at least holds nothing now--but the handsome, sensitive looking subject of the daguerreotype has such smartly coiffed hair, perhaps it was best left alone! I've found a formal match of this pendant out there cited as 14K gold, but I haven't tested this and presume it is, rather, gold filled. Sold as found in a tri-fold velvet lined case--which may date a bit later?--that snaps tightly closed.

Case (closed) measures 4 5/16" x 5 1/8" x 3/4". Pendant: 2" w x 2 7/16” t ; including hanging loop it measures 3 5/16” t. All in good condition, exactly as found near Troy, NY.