Soulful Woman in Lace Bonnet, C. 1850s Cased Sixth Plate Daguerreotype of Folk Art Portrait

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Found in Maine this week--the latest in my ongoing pursuit of early photographs of folk art paintings, created as one means of capturing likenesses gave way to another, and emblematic of the want to carry things, and people, forward. (I think of such things as akin to digitally scanning old 35 mm slides, or digitizing VHS tapes--the problem persisted as technology progressed!) And what a soulful looking woman she appears to me, lovely but looking as holding both sorrow and wisdom in those large dark eyes. (Revisiting the OJ trial this week, she also reminds me a little of Marcia Clark--who certainly endured some challenges herself.)  Based on the manner of her bonnet and collar I would guess the painted portrait itself dates to the 1810s or so, and the daguerreotype c. 1850s. In what I believe is the original case, which is in very good condition, with bright red silk on the opposite side interior, which also lends her a bit of a Scarlet Letter nuance!  Some clouding as evident along the bottom edge of the photo, but the rest of the image is clear and crisp and bold.

6th plate, cased 3 3/4 x 3 3/16 x 5/8. Some clouding as noted and documented, otherwise very good condition.