Ellie Acker's c. 1840s Watercolor Map of Four Middle States Plus Maryland and Virigina

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One of two more maps today by Ellie Ackers, by whom I had one other, of the southern states, sold last week. C. 1840s, this one depicts "the middle states plus Maryland and Virginia" as Ellie writes neatly at the bottom of the page. I love the boldness of the color, which nearly obscures the ink drawn/written details, which note states, rivers, lakes, bays, and mountains, and a couple of cities--and I'm glad to see New York in blue (though not Pennsylvania in red!) Unusual in my experience to see a school girl map isolating a section of states in this manner, which I must admit took me a minute to figure out; I especially like the strangeness of Connecticut, which looks rather lonely jutting out to the east without Massachusetts filled in above it. 

10 3/8 x 8, watercolor on laid. Embossed mark from Massachusetts at top left corner. Good condition, with irregularity to the left and right edges as evident and a small tear to the paper at top right.