C. 1840s Very Unusual Cactus Theorem Watercolor in Period Frame

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I'm fairly obsessed with this one--first for how unusual it is to find a 19th c. theorem painting of a cactus, and especially for the marvelous treatment of the cactus itself, in this very Arts and Crafts feeling palette and with an almost Cubist feeling to the faceting of that dusty rose color, product of the use of stencils. And with the gradated application of the watercolor lending this wonderful softness to the whole thing.  Glorious.

Framed: 5 3/8 x 7”. Sight” 4 x 5 9/16. C. 1840s and in very good condition, with original ink-written "The Cactus" at bottom; probably from a notebook in which many different plants were rendered. Recently placed (by the seller I purchased it from) into a period frame with archival backing.