C. 1830s-40s Staffordshire Alphabet Child's Mug, Flower Seller (Hairline Crack Repair)

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Another week, another Staffordshire transferware child's mug, because I can't get enough of these and think they're a great thing to collect. I'm picky about the designs I like, though, looking mostly for one's I've not seen before, with imagery that seems to me especially good. This is that I think, centered on a flower selling young woman, who looks to me too a lot like a queen of hearts! And so she seems to be, tempting a man to either side with her flowers, but with a cross at her neck, too, seemingly announcing her chastity. I love the way the basket of flowers at her waist mirrors the flounce of her skirt below, and the two potted plants to either side of her. With an EF at top--the F certainly for flowers, and perhaps for flirt too, but what of the E? Enchanting?!

4 1/8” across at handle x 3 1/16” d x 3” t. Filled hairline crack running vertically down from the lip over the man at left Noticeable if looking but I don't think much detracting. Also a bit of imperfection to the transfer on her left arm (I believe original to the cup.