Cream Glazed Hand-formed Slab Pottery Bowl / Plate / Dish Signed Burke

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I just love the shape and the presence of this piece. With a few seemingly simple gestures, its maker has managed to make what is quite a striking and dynamic piece, different from every angle. It was made from a fairly thick slab of clay, cut in two places to overlap, and then rounded on the bottom to sit nicely on whatever surface one might choose to display it. This could make for a dramatic small serving dish, but is really great just as an object, such that I would likely just find a good place to display it--and turn it around occasionally to get a different view!

The piece is signed on the bottom with what looks to say "Burke 92" but could be "Byrke". The bottom is pretty terrific too, with what look to be arrows extended in different directions and a sort of bird-like form rendered in unglazed clay. 

It mesures 8" at longest diameter (point to point), 6 1/4" at narrowest diameter, and 2 3/4" tall.