Bunch of Antique Clay Marbles - Batch 2

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I fell in love with antique clay marbles through finding a bag at my local flea market last summer, and have been keeping an eye out ever since. I just think they're beautiful, and want to fill every pretty bowl I have with them! Plus I think rolling them around in the hand must be good for stress relief. 

I recently scored a whole bunch---a mixed lot of dyed and undyed--and have divided them up into groups of fifty or so, which I'm listing individually. What you see is exactly what you'll get, and I've weeded out any with significant chips, so these are all in good shape. I used my critical eye (!:)) in dividing them up--some earthier, some brighter, and with some large shooters mixed in here and there. So this is batch #2. 

Average size is about 1/2" in diameter. (Plate not included!)