Brutalist Studio Pottery Large Double Opening Vase, 1967

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This tall double opening vase, with fantastically textural surface, has quite an  presence! It's as much a sculpture as a vessel, and I'd call it Brutalist--unapologetically bold and rough and all about its materiality--but also rather playful about it function as a vase.  Really a terrific piece that would command attention wherever it is placed.

Signed what looks to be Dom Denisi on the bottom and dated 7/14/67. There is a bit of chipping around the rim of base and a few small chips on the face just of one side--as pictured, minor, and which pretty well disappear amid the craggy surface. 15" tall x 7" across at widest; base measures 3 3/4" across; each opening measures about 1 3/4" across at lip.