Brilliantly Hinged Old Carved Folk Art Man

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Such a fabulous fellow, to me looking like a bit professorial, and unusually and quite brilliantly hinged at the waist, which makes it easy to take a seat! It looks like he once had arms and surely feet, too, but I think he's just as well without them, such that one only needs to negotiate one moving part! Wonderfully carved head with beak-like nose and ears, and what I believe was a combination of ink and graphite drawing the hair, mustache, eyes and brows, plus a very chipper bow tie and a row of buttons leading straight down to his hinge. With bolts and screws on the back side, he sits best with legs up toward him in a "U" shape, though he can be balanced to sit on the screws, and could also easily be hung or mounted. A wonderful character, with a lot of years on him.

12 1/4" t x 2 5/8" w and, aside from missing arms and feet, in very good shape.