Brass Swiss Cheese Vintage Pen and Pencil Holder

Regular price $70.00

This is the second of these great brass cheese wedge pen holders I've had in the shop--how not to feel a little happier with this on the desk? 1970s or maybe very early 1980s, it's hollow on the interior so that the ends of whatever it's holding can slip down inside. This one's in pretty good shape compared to most I've seen (the fact that these are usually quite battered speaks for itself!), with relatively minor scratches, mostly on the top, a few dark marks, and some little dings mostly on one side, which add a little texture! The bottom still has its red felt attached, which is in good shape. The holes are the right size for standard pens and pencils. 

Long sides measure 5 3/4" long; short side 2 1/2", 3 1/8" tall.