Boy Scouts 1914 Semaphore and Morse Code Pocket Signal Disk

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I think the design of this 1914 two-sided cardboard "Pocket Signal Disk" is just terrific, with great graphics, flag-bearing figures in green scouts outfits, and a ton of useful information packed in. One side covers signaling International Morse Code with one flag; the other Two-Arm Semaphore. An interactive dial allows one to scroll through the codes or flag positions that correspond to each letter of the alphabet, visible through a little cutout window at the center of either side.  Produced by the Boy Scouts of America, the disk, of course, also includes the Scouts motto, "Be Prepared." A really wonderful little thing, and perhaps inspiration for some sort of party game!

There is one stain to the surface at the bottom center of the Two-Arm Semaphore side; otherwise great condition. 5 3/4" tall x 3 1/4" wide.